Tisanes (Herbal Teas)

Tisanes (Herbal Teas) make a delicious beverage that yields a number of health benefits. Benefits may include reduced inflammation, immune system support, anxiety reduction, improved digestion, and much more!

FlowerPower Essences

Flower essences are liquids infused with a flower’s vibrational energy to help balance emotions. All flowers have an innate wisdom that they lovingly share with us. They are generally used to relieve anxiety and depression.


These salves and oils are infused with the healing power of plants. Use topically to help the plant medicine soak into your body through your skin.


These herbal tinctures are made by soaking the herbs in alcohol using a maceration method to extract medicine from the plant. Only a small amount is needed to begin feeling effects.

Purification Bundle

The purification bundle is designed to purify, re-energize, restore, cleanse and balance you or your space with peace, calmness, and positive intentions.

Health & Wellness

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Angel Gifts

Spiritual healing is an important component of wellness. Angels can guide you while you are on your spiritual wellness journey. If you ask angels for help, they will come.


These items are made for fun and sharing!